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Vacuum Truck Parts & Accessories Online Store

We stock a full line of heavy duty “Schedule 40” items and vacuum truck accessories. Our product line includes replacement filter bags, cages, hoses, reducers, cam and groove fittings plus custom made parts. You will never have to worry about your accessories failing on the job.

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Featured products

Vacuum Relief Valve 8"

Designed for use in systems that require a predetermined level of vacuum or low pressure. They are proportional relief valves, with relief flow proportional to degree of excess vacuum or over-pressure.

Aluminum Catch Basin Pipe 8" x 3' Crown w/Flange

Pipe has a welded crown and flange used for cleaning debris boxes.

Pressure Washer Hose 1/2" X 50'

Durable, abrasion-resistant
$195.88 $167.90

Aluminum Vacuum Pipe 8" x 4' w/ Flat Flange ends

This vacuum pipe is highly abrasive and resistant. It can be used for straight runs or permanent set ups.

Aluminum Coupler 4" (Female/Female)

Use to attach two male adapters together.

Polyurethane Food Grade Flex 6" (50' Roll)

Flexible Hose
$2,568.50 $2,201.50

Aluminum Spool Adapter 4" (Male/Male)

Use to attach two female couplers together.

Reducer Steel HD 8"-6"

Reduces 8-inch ring-lock to a 6-inch ring-lock.

Guzzler Expansion Boot 10"

Connects micro strainer to tank.
$399.00 $334.86

Ring Lock Clamp 4"

Use this to attach 4-inch ring-lock fittings together.
$30.43 $23.71

Yellow Plastic Flex Hose 6" (100' Roll) Baughman

Flexible and High Visibility Hose

Ceramic Lined 6" 90° Elbow

Ceramic Lined Products can increase the life of the elbow up to 10X. Use them in high wear areas to save money, reduce downtime, and extend the life of your fittings.